Ultrafiltration System

Working capacity: Customized according to the requirement

Voltage: Customized

Type: Ultrafiltration

Origin: Xi’an, China




UF system: also Ultrafiltration system


Ultrafiltration System (UF) is a variety of membrane filtration in which hydrostatic pressure forces a liquid against a semipermeable membrane.

Ultrafiltration membrane is the anisomerous semipermeable membrane made of macro molecule material as the separation method without phase transition for solution, and can remove particles whose molecule weight ranges 1, 500-100, 000 Dalton, and can effectively remove organic, bacterium, virus, colloid and non-ion suspended solids.

Ultrafiltration equipment is depending on the intercepting capability of the porous material. To remove the impurity particles in the water by physical interception. Under the pressure. The substance with small size like water, organic low molecule, inorganic ion can pass through the micropore of the fiber wall to the other side of the membrane. While the substance with big size like thallus, colloid, particulate and organic macromolecule will be intercepted. This process is under the normal temperature, so there will not be phase change and secondary pollution. 


Working condition:

Working mode Cross flow filtration or dead end filtration, reverse flushing and quick flushing
Reverse flushing pressure <0.1MPa
Reverse flushing flow 200L/m2/hr
Reverse flushing frequency 15-60min, according to the water qulaity
Reverse flushing time 30-60sec
Chemical flushing According to the material and pollution condition of the membrane
Sterilization NaClO flushing once a week or once a month
Character It can significantly improve the flushing strength and is beneficial to the recover of the membrane.

ultrafiltration system

UF System Features:

1. UF water filter has protected when there is  no power, poor power, larger electrical current, leakage or short circuit.

2.UF water filter is easy to compact and install.

3. UF mineralization water filter equipped with PLC and touch screen control and remote login

4.Products as per ISO and  main parts accessories have obtained CE certification.

ultrafiltration system


1.Mineral water: applied in the production of the mineral water.

2.Foods: applied in the production of the dairy products, fruit juice, wine and condiments.

3.Medicine: applied in the separation and purification to the heat sensitive substances in the production of pharmaceutical and biochemical industry.

4.Pure water & ultrapure water: applied in the producing of the primary pure water, pure water and ultrapure water

5.Environmental protection: applied in the advanced treatment to the industrial waste water, applied in the urban reclaimed water reuse system, recovery of electrophoretic paint and oils.

6.Fermentation: applied in the separation and refining of the biochemical fermentation liquid, the concentration and refining of the enzyme, clarification and the filter of the sugar and xylitol.

The advantages of our ultrafiltration/UF system:

Advanced and famous ultrafiltration membrane elemen

1. High recovery rate of the system

2. No phase transformation in the process

3. Low energy consumption, short production cycle and low equipment operation

4. Small area, simple operation and maintenance, low labor intensity

5. The hygienic of the site is clean

6. The control system can be designed according to the user’s specific requirements


Q: How to get an appropriate offer from BR company?

A: Please inform us:

1, production capacity per hour/per day/per month … …

2, filling liquid: water, juice, carbonated drink, beer or … …

3, bottle type: plastic bottle, glass bottle, can or … …

4, cap type: screw cap, crown cap, can lid or … …

5, for water treatment, it’s better offer us the raw water quality report … …


Q: What can I do if I haven’t gotten any clue of the production line? I just wanna open a factory and to do the business.

A: Don’t worry about this; You can inform us:

1, the exact production you wanna deal with;

2, the budget of the production line; If no budget of the business, I will send you the popular machine in our factory for your ref;

3, we will help tp design everything including the machine layout and factory layout;


Q: This is the first time I cooperate with your factory. How can I trust you about the machien quality?

A: Before ordering the machine, we will make the offer very clear. For example, the material thickness, the brand etc. We can have the video call and I will show what we have in the factory;Also you can visit us to see the machine;


Q: If the quality doesn’t meet my requirment, how can you solve this problem?

A:  Before ordering the machine, we will negotiate the machine inspection standard. Then start production; If you are not satisfied with the quality, show us, we will re-do it before shipping;


Q: Can I run the machines in your factory if I buy the complete line in your factory?

A: Sure, why not. We will have the line connected and tested in our factory before shipping even you didn’t mention; We will make it working before arriving at your factory;


Q: How can I get the machine?

A: Our company have the export license, so we can help to ship the machine to discharge port that you are available.


Q: How can I install the machine and commissioning? Do you have the technician to my factory?

A: We have the technician available to your factory for machine installation and commissioning; BUT client should be responsible for the round-way flight tickets, technicians’ daily salary, local transportation, local hotel and eating.