Security filter

Material: SS304, SS316

Working capacity: Customized according to the requirement

 Origin: Xi’an, China




Security filter

security filter

security filter

Xi’an BinRain Product Range:

Industrial Reverse osmosis system, UF system, Water softener, Pre-treatment system, water treatment parts.


Security filter is also called the precision filter, it mainly comprises stainless steel shell and filter element. It is mainly used for filtering the fine matters (such as tiny quartz sand and activated carbon particles) after being filtered by multi-media filtering to make sure the filtering precision and the protect the membrane filter element to prevent the damage caused by the large particulate matter. The filtering precision of the filter element filled in the filter can be divided into 0.5us, 1us, 5us and 10us, and the filter element is mainly made of PP cotton, nylon or melt-blown nonwoven fabric, chose the specific filter element according to the usage can make sure the filtering precision and security of the membrane filter element and satisfy the water quality requirement of the water treatment process. The quantity of the filter element filled in the filter should be confirmed by the water treatment capacity.


Security filtering and end filtering of the systems of NF, UF, RO, EDI.

Filtering of the medical injection, large infusion, eye drops and Chinese medicine liquid, extracting, purifying and concentrating of the biologicals.

Pre0filter and end filter of high purity water for the electronics, micro-electronics and semiconductor.

Filtering for the oilfield reinjection water, boiler water supply, chemical agents, liquid organic products and high purity chemicals.

Filtering for purified drinking water, mineral water, juice, tea beverage and health drink.

Filtering for the white wine, beer, yellow wine, wine and other fruit wine.

Pre-treatment or security filter for the waste water and the recycling of water.

Applied in other biological project, oil refining, painting and dyeing, water supply and waste water treatment of the fabric industry and filtering for the scientific research experiment.

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