BRRO500 Reverse Osmosis System

Working capacity: 0.5T-20T/H

Voltage: Customized

Production time: 20-30 days

Type: Reverse osmosis

Origin: Xi’an, China





Brand name: BinRain

Model number: BRRO500

Capacity: 500LPH

Name: BRRO500 Reverse Osmosis System

Place of origin: Xi’an, Shaanxi, China  

Filter tank Material: Stainless steel or FRP

Filter tank and RO vessel Color: Nature/Blue/Green

Valve Operating: Automation and Manual

Function: Remove impurities, ions, organics, bacteria, viruses and etc

Application: Mineral water, domestic water, drinking water

Product introduction:

Reverse osmosis system is a kind of membrane separation technology which is based on the function of the selective (semi-penetrating) membrane to pressure-driven. When the pressure in the system is greater than the osmotic pressure of the in-fluent solution, the water molecule continuously penetrates through the membrane, flows through the flow channel into the central tube, and then flows out the impurities in the water at one end, such as ions, organics, bacteria, viruses, etc. It is trapped in the water inlet of the membrane, and then flows out at the end of the concentrated effluent so as to achieve the separation and purification purpose.

reverse osmosis system


reverse osmosis system

Reverse osmosis RO system component

1. Water tank: storage of tap water, to solve the problem of insufficient tap water pressure and the back booster pump due to the impact of insufficient water, reduce the failure rate.

2. Booster pump: equipped with a stainless steel pump, to provide sufficient pressure for subsequent filtration

3. Quartz sand filter: mainly remove the mud, suspended solids and large particles in the tap water

4. Carbon filter: mainly remove organic substances, residual chlorine and odor in tap water

5. Water softener filter: mainly remove the calcium and magnesium in tap water, reduce the hardness of water

6. Security filter: further filtration, protection of reverse osmosis membrane

7.  High pressure pump: provide enough pressure for reverse osmosis system

8. Reverse osmosis main system: reverse osmosis membrane as core part of pure water equipment, the production of high-purity water.

9. Pure water tank: storage pure water, can change the size of the water tank,after the below process,The water result is pure enough for different application.

10. Sterilizing equipment: Ozone generator and UV Ultraviolet sterilization will be used at the end of the reverse osmosis RO system, which will destruction of microbial nucleic acid structure in water to achieve strong sterilization and anti-virus.

Main components of RO system:

Equipment control system I. There are two modes of operation in the whole system: manual and automatic model

II. When the original water tank is short of water, the whole system can not work

III. When the pure water tank is full of water, the whole system stops working

V. Automatic flushing can be set up for reverse osmosis

VI. Tap water can automatically recharge water

Equipment characteristics

I. Two regeneration

II. no hazardous waste discharge, beneficial to environmental protection

III. continuous operation, simple operation

V. easy to install, maintain

Equipment application field

I. Mineral water, liquor brewing water, drinking pure water

II. Hotels, buildings, residential , airports, factories drinking water

III. Producing drinking water by sea water and bitter salt water

V. Ultra pure water used in circuit, electronics, optics, chemical industry, petroleum, surface treatment and other industries


Water inlet condition of reverse osmosis equipment

Min. raw water pressure 0.28MPa
Water temperature 15-35℃
PH range 4-9
Hardness 17mg/L (by CaCO3)
Pollution index SDI<5
Total dissolved solids content TDS<1000mg/L
Iron <0.1mg/L
Manganese <0.5mg/L
Free chlorine Negative
Organics <1.5mg/L

reverse osmosis system


Product specification

Model Membrane(inch) Membrane(Qty) Capability(T/H) Power(KW) Operation(MPa)
BRRO-125L 4021 1 0.125 1.1 0.8-1.5
BRRO-250L 4040 1 0.25 1.1 0.8-1.5
BRRO-500L 4040 2 0.5 1.5 0.8-1.5
BRRO-750L 4040 3 0.75 2.2 0.8-1.5
BRRO-1000L 4040 4 1 2.2 0.8-1.5
BRRO-1500L 4040 6 1.5 3 0.8-1.5
BRRO-2000L 4040 8 2 3 0.8-1.5
BRRO-3000L 4040 12 3 4 0.8-1.5
BRRO-5000L 8040 5 5 5.5 0.8-1.5
BRRO-10000L 8040 10 10 11 0.8-1.5
BRRO-15000L 8040 15 15 15 0.8-1.5

Reverse osmosis system application

⒈ Reverse osmosis system for manufacturing industry such as CRT glass shell, picture tube, liquid crystal display, circuit board, computer hard disk, integrated circuit, chip, mono-crystalline silicon Semiconductor and other processes required for pure water, high pure water.

⒉ Reverse osmosis system can produce thermal, thermal power boilers, factories and mines in the middle and low pressure boiler water supply needs to soften water, salt-removal of pure waters.

⒊ Reverse osmosis system for can produce medical infusion, injection, medicament, biochemical products, purified water for medical use, sterile liquid and artificial kidney for dialysis.

⒋ Reverse osmosis system can be used for beverage (including liquor) industry of drinking purified water, distilled water, mineral water, liquor brewing and blending with the pure waters.



reverse osmosis system reverse osmosis system reverse osmosis system

reverse osmosis system

Weight eg:

Selling Units: Single item
Single package size: 1826X840X1738 cm
Single gross weight: 620.0 KG
Package Type: Wooden case for one RO system

The Advantages Of Our Reverse Osmosis RO System:

Advanced and famous ultra-filtration membrane element:

1. High recovery rate of the system

2. No phase transformation in the process

3. Low energy consumption, short production cycle and low equipment operation

4. Small area, simple operation and maintenance, low labor intensity

5. The hygienic of the site is clean

6. The control system can be designed according to the user’s specific requirements


Q: How to get an appropriate offer from BR company?

A: Please inform us

1. Production capacity per hour/per day/per month.

2. Filling liquid: water, juice, carbonated drink, beer.

3. Bottle type: plastic bottle, glass bottle, can.

4. Cap type: screw cap, crown cap, can lid.

5. For water treatment, it’s better offer us the raw water quality report.


Q: What can I do if I haven’t gotten any clue of the production line? I just wanna open a factory and to do the business.

A: Don’t worry about this. You can inform us:

1. The exact production you wanna deal with.

2. The budget of the production line.

If no budget of the business, I will send you the popular machine in our factory for your reference.

3. We will help the design everything including the machine layout and factory layout.


Q: This is the first time I cooperate with your factory. How can I trust you about the machien quality?

A: Before ordering the machine, we will make the offer very clear. For example, the material thickness, the brand and etc. We can have the video call and I will show what we have in the factory;Also you can visit us to see the machine.


Q: If the quality doesn’t meet my requirement, how can you solve this problem?

A:  Before ordering the machine, we will negotiate the machine inspection standard. Then start production.

If you are not satisfied with the quality, show us, we will re-do it before shipping.


Q: Can I run the machines in your factory if I buy the complete line in your factory?

A: Sure, why not. We will have the line connected and tested in our factory before shipping even you didn’t mention.

We will make it working before arriving at your factory.


Q: How can I get the machine?

A: Our company have the export license, so we can help to ship the machine to discharge port that you are available.


Q: How can I install the machine and commissioning? Do you have the technician to my factory?

A: We have the technician available to your factory for machine installation and commissioning; BUT client should be responsible for the round-way flight tickets, technicians’ daily salary, local transportation, local hotel and eating.

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