Mineral Water System

Mineral Water System
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Mineral Water System

        The mineral water system is purified by water from the raw water tank through pre-treatment to the reverse osmosis device. Pre-treatment is made up of mechanical filter, activated carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger and precision filter, the core parts of reverse osmosis device adopt famous GRUNDFOS pump, HYDRANAUTICS ro membrane, and with a complete membrane cleaning device, its simple structure, easy operation, high technical level, The system is the most ideal drinking water production equipment in China at present.

Mineral/pure water system


Process flow diagram:

Raw water tank → Raw water pump→Mechanical filter→Activated carbon filter→Sodium ion exchanger→Precision filter→1st high-pressure pump→1st reverse osmosis→Balance tank→2nd high pressure pump→2nd reverse osmosis-→Pure water tank→Pure water pump→Ozone generator→Pure water conveyor→5 gallon barrel assembly line→Flushing, filling, Triple all-in-one machine for capping

Mineral water system Features:

1. Reverse osmosis is at room temperature, using the physical method without phase change will contain salt water desalination, salt removal. The desalting rate of ultra thin composite membrane element can reach more than 99.5%, and can remove colloid, organic matter, bacterium, virus etc. in water at the same time;
2. Reverse osmosis membrane, high desalination rate, long service life, low operating costs;
3. The use of automatic pre-treatment system to achieve unmanned operation;
4. The use of imported grant booster pump, high efficiency and low noise, stable and reliable;
5. Online water quality monitoring and control, real-time monitoring of water quality changes to ensure water quality safety;
6. Automatic electronic control procedures, but also optional touch screen operation, easy to use.

Mineral water system Application:

1. The preparation of space water, purified water, distilled waters, etc.
2. Wine manufacturing and reducing water;
3. Pharmaceutical, electronic and other industries in the early preparation of water;
4. Chemical process enrichment, separation, purification and preparation of water distribution;
5. Boiler Recharge Water desalination;
6. Electronic industry ultra-pure Water;
7. Central air-conditioning water-cooled circulating cooling water; 8. Seawater, brackish water desalination, paper-making, electroplating, printing and dyeing industries such as water and waste-water treatment.


Q: How to get an appropriate offer from BR company?

A: Please inform us:

1. production capacity per hour/per day/per month

2. filling liquid: water, juice, carbonated drink, beer.

3. bottle type: plastic bottle, glass bottle and etc.

4. cap type: screw cap, crown cap, can lid.

5. for water treatment, it’s better offer us the raw water quality report.

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